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The Alaric Trilogy is a pre-teen adventure series that takes place in a hazy, curious underworld presided over by a beautiful, mysteriously frightening woman whom our hero, twelve-year-old Alaric, calls the Raven Queen, because of the large bird perched on her shoulder.

Alaric is exploring the countryside where he lives, when he falls into a narrow, dark, slippery cave, and emerges in an underworld from which he does not know how to escape.  In this strange place, there are dark, scary tree monsters, and creatures with menacing eyes, who do the bidding of the Raven Queen.

Follow the excitement, fear, and intrigue as Alaric gets captured, meets a young girl who is also a prisoner, plots their successful escape, and unknowingly returns again to the underworld after receiving an unusual plea for help.

Alaric and The Raven Queen

Alaric and the Return of the Raven

The Raven Queen Revealed (Coming soon)


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